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FREE Newsletter for Professional Blind Cleaners

Monthly we publish a FREE E-mail newsletter written for the interests of professionally minded blind cleaners or those seriously exploring this business niche. Announcements in the Newsletter or to the same list advise subscribers of webinars, chats, and other activities sponsored by the Blind Cleaners Network for those in the trade. Use the sign-up link on the left or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up.

The Newsletter is for general basic education and encouragement of professionals already in this niche market or background for prospective blind cleaners or those in a related field (retail blind sales, installation, or repairs, etc.) who would like to learn more about what blind cleaners do.

While Members of the network have access to all past issues in the Archives (15 years+ and content charts along with expanded in-depth articles) those subscribing to this free Newsletter need to print or download the current copy if they wish to save it. All contents and materials are the property of Blind Cleaner's LLC and permission is given only for your own personal use.

Prospective blind cleaners will find the Newsletter resources a great introduction to the field. Those who want more background are encouraged to become Members of the network (the low monthly fee is the cheapest way to research this business opportunity and get advice vs. paying thousands for the wrong equipment or setups or things you don't need to get started successfully in your new enterprise, etc.) and shorten your learning curve. Making "trial and error" mistakes is expensive as is purchasing based upon a "salesman's" recommendations instead of knowing what would be best for the business model that works best for your situation and goals.

Serious professionals will find the material in the Newsletters of interest filling in bits and pieces of information or helpful with various tips due to the variety of backgrounds one may have in relative window treatments or cleaning procedures. More in-depth materials are available to Members online, and discussions in the webinars and other events often get into more depth on particular topics. The public side of the website and Newsletter materials are introductions to the resources available to the Members of the Blind Cleaner's Network. It is the only publication we know of geared specifically to those in the industry.  Our annual surveys give cleaners a gauge of what others are doing as well.

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