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Login Form is a resource site for professionally-minded blind and drapery cleaners.

Networking: For 18 years our professional network has been supporting the goals of independent professionally minded cleaners in this industry with our Newsletter (currently over 550 industry subscribers) sharing articles and trade tips of interest to blind cleaners, prospective blind cleaners, or someone with an interest in this specialty niche of the cleaning realm.

We maintain an ever-changing database of blind cleaners primarily from the United States and Canada (with representation in other countries such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland). The database allows us to connect blind cleaners with mutual interests and serves as a reference point for consumers looking for a local blind cleaner.

Webinars: About ten times a year webinars focussing on various topics germane to the trade are presented for Members and several times a year there are webubars open to those in Newsletter readers (who may not be Members).

Training: Our training philosophy and practices differ from what you typically find in this industry or other service industries.  The focus of our network is building professionalism and success for those in our niche of the cleaning world.  You will not find a "slick website" a "strong sales pitch" or "free with the purchase of __$$$_" for prospective blind and drapery cleaners. Unfortunately far too many novices come to us after purchasing overpriced equipment or packages or investing in "training" that does not end up being what was expected. Our primary interest is in real world training and support.

Our mission is to provide informative resources, training, and advice so individuals will be better equipped to make the best decisions for the business they envision. Join us in training to learn from others who actually make their living cleaning custom window treatments (not selling equipment or business packages/franchises to make our money, etc.). Learn from an experienced professional in an established local blind and drapery cleaning facility. Learn about the window treatments, their care and cleaning in a blend of both classroom and hands-on sessions. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain personal hands-on experience with various window treatments using all the common types of blind cleaning equipment (not just one brand or type) in a actual shop setting. Your questions will be answered by people who actually work in the field and who aren't pitching "their brand" as what is right for your setup may not be practical for another operation.

We have been teaching classes for those interested in learning ultrasonic blind cleaning for many years. In December 2021 we added the support and training for the existing network of Certified On-Site Fabricare Specialists. Those interested in learning how to clean fabric window treatments using injection-extraction cleaning methods are now able to earn or maintain their OnSite Fabricare Specialist Certification at our facilities (Training originated by Jeff Berkowitz back in the 1990s with OnSite). (We anticipate our classes and events will once again qualify for IICRC Continuing Education Units for those who are IICRC Certified in other cleaning specialties once the approval process is complete in May 2024).

Administration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. blends experience from years in the field of education and now in operating a blind and drapery cleaning company in the Chicago region to direct network activities, develop educational and technical content, and work with fabricators. He is the one to contact for technical support related to a blind or drapery cleaning business or cleaning practices or equipment. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the administrative assistant dedicated to all the details of Membership support, Newsletter distribution, website listings and editing, customer referrals, and keeping everything working smoothly. Please call our office at 815-577-2221 if you have any questions or want to make sure we have your company in our database. E-mail either of us to ask questions, update company information, or to make suggestions. Professional blind cleaners also contribute their expertise to the Newsletters and online content in places like our private Facebook Group.

Who? Professionally minded blind and drapery cleaners are encouraged to join us. The support of our Members fund websites, other resources, and network activities as we represent blind cleaners' interests to consumers and blind fabricators. We work to advance the public's understanding of our industry and to raise the level of professionalism within our industry. Our network tends to attract like-minded blind cleaners who see the benefit of working together and actively sharpening their professional skills. Collectively we can do things (as a network) that are impractical (or impossible) to accomplish individually (Synergy). Our mission is to provide information and support to strengthen independent local blind cleaners through the resources we provide. Network participants range from prospective entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals who have literally been cleaning blinds for several generations. Fabricators, companies, and individuals that offer goods or services of potential interest or benefit to our Members are also welcome to join us, as we encourage win/win business relationships.

We clearly recognize our network is NOT for everyone. Those who are just hand cleaning a few mini blinds or faux wood or not interested in presenting themselves professionally no matter what lever of cleaning is done - will NOT be a good fit for our network or private groups etc. We welcome professionally minded folks who are willing to learn, asking questions and not afraid (when appropriate) to challenge others to raise their game. 

Contact Information: Network
1950 Leness Lane
Crest Hill, IL  60403


Bert Bolton - Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Technical and industry information and questions)

Vicky Karpiesz  Administrative Assistant  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (ALL the details of Membership, Event registrations, sales, etc., and keeping your questions answered.)

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