Blind Cleaning Chemicals
Supplier Chemical Size Price
Commercial Cleanser Company Comco Ultrasonic Cleaner 50 lbs. $83.30 Powdered blind cleaning formula    Cup per tank
847-678-0515 Comco Rinse Agent 1 Gallon $74.00 Rinse Agent    1 oz per tank
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Emulsifier 1 Gallon $64.60 Cleaning Agent Emulsifier   1 oz per tank Water Softener 4 Gallons $144.00  
800-976-6427 Cleaning Solution 4 Gallons $136.00  
  Degreaser 4 Gallons $148.00  
  Dri-Agent 4 Gallons $152.00  
Morantz Activator Water Softener 5 Gallons $189.95 Water Softener
800-695-4522 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution 5 Gallons $189.95 Basic Cleaner
  Synergizer Cleaning Solution 5 Gallons $189.95  Degreaser
  Energizer Rinse Agent 5 Gallons $189.95 Rinse/Dry Agent
  Miracle Chemical 1 Gallon $99.95 (Chemical used if doing Electronics cleaning)
Omegasonics OmegaWash II 25 lbs 100.00 Powdered Basic Blind Cleaning Soap 
866-363-4838 Citrus Degreaser Soap 6 1 Gallon $29.00 For dirty, oil soils on blinds other items, citrus odor 
  Omega Rinse 1 Gallon $50.00  
  OmegaSmoke 2.5 Gallons  $199.00  Smoke remover, cleaner, soot, smoke odors etc.   (Dilute properly)
Baquacil   Liquid Peroxide  to search for the nearest dealer to you
On-site Fabricare
Dry Cleaning Solvent 1 Gallon $30.35 Dry Cleaning Solution for drapery, valance and some room darkening blinds
800-811-9367 Dry Cleaning Solution 5 Gallon $150.58  
815-577-9797 Dry Cleaning Booster 1 Gallon $98.00 Concentrate - add to recycled solvent to recharge or as booster in pre-spray etc.
  GreenEarth 18Kg Pail (call) 100% Gree Proprietary Silicone based solution that is used under License (Not for public sale)
  Sustain  GreenEarth Gallon (call) Booster/Detergent for GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Solution
Order Form Below Wet Cleaning Concentrate 1 Gallon $38.95 Fabric Cleaning Concentrate for wet cleaning fabrics, furniture, blinds etc.
  QDFree Fabric Protector   1 Gallon $48.50 California Compliant Fabric Protectant 
  QDFree Fabric Protector 5 Gallon $225.50  

Flame Retardant


1 Gallon Gallon  Coming Soon Flame Retardant Application for Fabrics...

Ultrasonic Power Co.


Brulin 815GD 5 Gallons $220.00 Basic Cleaner
        Updated 5/21/2024 

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