Kleenrite 204 Hx

204Hx   32506
The Rite one for you to diversify into the highly profitable market of on-location Upholstery, Drapery and Ceiling Cleaning. The 204Hx is equipped with a 3 gallon solution tank, dual heating settings, Wet or Dry
cleaning capability, a 2-stage vacuum, a 40 psi pump and operates on a single cord. Select a NEW KleenRite
high temperature upholstery tool, drapery tool and ceiling wand to complement your 204Hx and you could
be on your way to success!
Features and Specifications:
Versatility: Wet or Dry Clean
Construction: Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction for durability. Solution carrying components
compatible with upholstery, drapery, carpet and ceiling cleaning solvents and detergents.
Dimensions: 19" * 13"W * 23"H
Vacuum: 1.48 HP, Two-stage blower, 92.5" water lift
Heat Exchanger: Internally mounted, Stainless Steel 3/8" diameter solution coil in an 11 lb. Aluminum heat
storage cylinder for maximum instant heat transfer.
Instant Heat: In line, dual range, thermostatically controlled heat settings: 1250 watts of heat offer instant
120? F dry cleaning solution or a constant 208? F wet cleaning solution after an initial 4 minute warm-up.
Pump: Centrifugal, 40 psi, viton seals, hydraulic fittings
Solution Tank: Stainless Steel, 3 gallon, 100 mesh Stainless Steel internal filter.
Recovery Tank: Stainless Steel, 3.8 gallon, waster valve with viton steals.
Internal Solution Lines: Stainless Steel wire braid Teflon solution lines (aircraft quality) will withstand 3000
lb.. pressure, unchanged by temperatures over 450 F
Simplified Flushing: Easy flushing when changing cleaning solutions
Control Panel: Removable for easy accessibility to color-coded plug in wiring harness, high amperage rated
switches for long life.
Sensing System: Solid state circuitry, factory set at 1? F accuracy.
Electrical System: Solid state circuit board, available in 120 and 240V, 50/60 cycle with single 12/3 nonmarking power cord with cord wrap.
Heat Selection: Fail-safe low start-up at 120? F, dual activated switches for high range 208? F with
thermostatically controlled back-up alarm and high limit automatic shut-off. Wheels: 3 inch industrial type
with ball bearing swivel
Lids: Impact resistant solution and vacuum lids
Handle: Stainless Steel
Hour Meter (optional): Records up to 10,000 hours of use
Vacuum Hose:L 1 1/4" * 15'
Exhaust Hose: 1 3/8" * 25'
Solution Hose: 1/8" * 15' hose, brass disconnects (1/4" * 15' hose optional)
Weight: 47lbs. (actual)

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