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Membership Gold Membership sampleBlind cleaners whose professional standards and interests are in harmony with our network are invited to join us. Have a transformational impact in our industry and with consumers rather than just operating alone or paying someone for a lead program. In the network, you'll have access to activities that connect you with a wealth of resources and other blind cleaners. We offer training, support, and a way to have an expanded footprint before the public with your services as fabricators, decorators, and consumers recognize our brand or know about us.

Our Customer Referral Program helps you in front of the prospective customer, our online resources and connections to other cleaners gives you a sounding board for advice or research and ongoing professional development is possible in person or remotely through private webinars, chats and private online groups or in person through events and training sessions. Our website contains the largest collection of blind cleaning materials on the internet including the Blind Cleaner's Resource Guide. Vendor discounts and money-saving information is accessible to those affiliated with our group. The public pages of the website are provided as a courtesy and quick reference to common items of interest for blind cleaners in general or those looking to learn more about our organization. The Free Newsletter is available monthly, however archives of over 15 years of back issues are online for Members. While our site isn't as fancy as some sites or slick in the "sales presentation" you'll find we deliver real value from blind cleaners to blind cleaners.

Outline of the Blind Cleaners Network Membership Options:

3 Levels:   Basic Membership     Certified Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner     Certified OnSite Fabricare Specialist

Basic Membership$28 Monthly   Open to anyone who agrees to the terms of Membership and who is not yet a Certified Blind Cleaner (Ultrasonic or Injection-Extraction). A great place to start for prospective entrepreneurs doing their due diligence regarding a business opportunity or for small-scale blind cleaners looking for general support and resources.

Certified Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner: $38 Monthly  Open to blind cleaners who have completed an approved training program and who commit to continued professional development through ongoing participation in network activities. Members at this level are given access to all website resources for Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning as well as general resources as well as directory listings for their company on our websites so consumers can link to you directly. Certified Members are given preference in all consumer referrals.

Certified OnSite Fabricare Specialist $48 Monthly or $500 Annually  Open to blind cleaners who have completed the OnSite Fabricare Specialist training and maintained their certification through ongoing participation in network activities. To maintain their certification status these members commit to participation in continuing education through attending training or recertification events at least every two years. Members receive complete access to all website materials including proprietary materials relative to OnSite cleaning techniques and product-specific knowledge. Directory listings on both the OnSite Fabricare and website listings which are consulted by consumers and representatives from multiple fabricators (Hunter Douglas, Springs Window Fashions, etc.).  Participation in general network webinars and events as well as ones designated specifically for OnSite Fabricare Specialists.  If you are a start-up or small business (Under 15K in cleaning sales annually or under 2 years in operation) the cost for Membership is $38 per month.

Members' dues support the organization - so they receive discounts for programs of the network and from some industry vendors. While blind cleaners who are not members are welcome to use the public portion of our site, they are NOT permitted to use any of our materials, logos, or resources for their own company marketing, websites, etc.

The following is the legal version that you agree to abide by in protecting us from those who would abuse Membership privileges. 

  1. Release of Liability: Blind Cleaners LLC is a conduit of resources provided from a number of sources for the individual use of its members. You accept complete responsibility for evaluating the information and exercising discretion in its use. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content, posts, or materials published on our websites deemed to be inappropriate, inaccurate, or incompatible with our policies. Neither the contents of nor the advice of its employees, network participants, or affiliates should be considered a replacement for seeking competent financial or legal counsel.
  2. Termination/Revoking of Membership Privileges/Access: Blind Cleaners LLC reserves the right to terminate a member’s access to the website and other membership privileges if the conduct or actions of the member, their company, or their employees are detrimental to the best interests of this business or other members of the network. Violation of forum rules, copyright infringements, or use of proprietary Blind Cleaners LLC materials, service marks, brands, logos, or services in competition with the business activities of this firm will be grounds for termination and/or legal action as deemed appropriate.
  3. Services: The services provided to network participants by are based on one's membership level. Members agree to support the network by participating in the services provided through and promoting those services as appropriate in their individual businesses, including the use of approved logos and links on their websites to appropriate network sites during their term of Membership.
  4. Membership Dues: The financial dues of our members support the activities of the network and make possible the resources made available to them. To protect the inherent value of the professional content on this site from those who would attempt to poach our materials without a true commitment to supporting and participating in the organization, reserves the right to require that all dues be paid in full before access will be granted for restricted “Members Only” service areas. Membership is an annual commitment, for which monthly, or annual payments are billed. Requests for termination of membership privileges need to be submitted in writing and will become effective at the end of the current calendar month or the following month if the request is received after the 25th of the month. Access to some materials may be restricted to those who have been members for at least six months or made an annual payment.
  5. Professional Ethics: Members of the Network agree to uphold the highest level of professional and personal honesty, integrity, and ethics in their involvement with this business and other members of the network in harmony with the Ethical Standards all levels of membership are required to subscribe to in order to participate in this organization.
  6. Copyrights/Redistribution of Materials: Members agree to hold in confidence professional information derived from this site. Requests to use, copy, or adapt any articles or printed forms posted on this website for personal or business use shall be directed to or the original author(s). Any unauthorized reproduction, duplication, posting, or resale of any of the material on the website is strictly prohibited. Information is provided for members' personal and professional development, and all materials are protected by federal copyright laws. The unethical use of our materials or that of others will not be tolerated.

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Customer Referral Program - Blind Cleaners Network

Our network of professionals exists to promote our services to consumers and to set themselves apart from those who call themselves "blind cleaners" but whose lack of expertise, product knowledge, or substandard practices might cast a poor reflection upon our industry.    

Unlike many businesses and marketing programs on the internet, we are not simply a "pay to be listed" service. Our network redirects thousands of leads per month to blind cleaners through a number of basic methods, some of which are not available from other sites or programs.

Fabricators: Do you want your company to be a part of the network Hunter Douglas (and other affiliates), Springs Window Fashions (Bali, Graber, and other affiliates), and more listed in their consumer materials under "Care and Cleaning" information?  Our directory of Members is referenced by their customer service teams and others as well when helping consumers inquiring about local blind cleaners. These fabricators don't want to work with professionals who have shown a commitment to learning the proper cleaning procedures and care of their products (or have online access to that information).

Websites: Consumers find a directory of our Members on our main sites ( or or other sites we use to provide information to consumers about how to safely clean their blinds. Some of these sites get thousands of hits per month and many of them inform and encourage prospective customers to your business on what to expect in terms of best practices for their treatments. We don't just pass "cold leads", but use information to filter and pre-screen contacts as well as manage expectations. As blind cleaners ourselves, they hear some of the cautions and qualifications (age, glue lines, etc.) from us first so you aren't the first to raise a red flag or present the information.

Phone Calls & E-mails: Crazy as it may sound in our day, we actually speak to people who call or e-mail us with cleaning questions or seeking to find a connection to a local blind cleaner. Our websites and phone numbers have been around for a long time and we get referrals from decorators, fabricators, and other blind cleaners who forward out-of-area contacts to us. We consult our database and match these prospective customers to blind cleaners by either asking the local blind cleaner to call them or by communicating with the prospect ourselves.

Membership Directory & Fabricator Listings:  Savvy Members of our Network know the value of having their company known as the preferred service provider of the major fabricators in their service area.  They contact local retailers and designers to promote their Certification(s) and Membership in the network. Those local contacts in turn often provide a steady stream of clients to them as one is more likely to receive the best service from a professionally affiliated professional than a maverick operator with unknown expertise. As we all know, just because someone has been providing a service for a long time doesn't necessarily mean they are the best or even good; however, a company that has invested in professional training and associations for professional development usually reflects upon a mentality committed to providing services at or above industry norms. 

Direct Connection to Members: Listed Members in the Directories have weblinks and their phone numbers provided for consumers to get in touch with them directly, so most referrals pass seamlessly to our Members without them even realizing the lead originated from one of our sites. New members sometimes think that the 4-5 phone calls or e-mails a month that they may get (in major markets) are the only leads received from the network's activities when the reality is there are many more.

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