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Blind Cleaning_Training_Class_Blindcleaners.bizOur network was founded to support independ blind cleaners and to provide resources in support of their operations. We come from a "hands on" blind/drapery cleaner promoting professionalism to the industry perspective vs. "equipment or chemical sales" or "business opportunities". Don't expect a fancy sales pitch or fancy website to lure you in and then silence if you aren't a buyer.  The success of local entreprenuers, whether full or part time, is our interest and we keep things practical.

Some who come to our classes do so out of "due dilligence" as they explore the business options, others are experienced cleaners needed to round out their knowledge base and seeking a professional credential. You can ask us about equipment, chemicals and asseccories and we'll be happy to share from either our real world experience or input from our Members.  Adding to your knoweldge and experiene will allow you to make better decisions for your situation. Learn from our mistakes and those of others, not your own. It is a lot cheaper and less stressful!

 Our industry has several companies selling expensive new equipment packages and "training" for their customers with slick websites, marketing materials and presentations. Historically however our Members tell us the "training" quality and depth and supoport after the sale is usually not as comprehensive or ongoing as the sales pitch implies (to put it politely). The structure of our training is different, we emphasize the practices and principles that will equip you to practice this trade with confidence regardless of the equipment you may have purchased. They make their money on the sale of equipment and chemicals and often "promise the world" until your check is cashed. Then you may find "24 hour support" is an answering machine rather than a direct connection to active bline cleaners who have "been there, done that". {Currently, retailers who offer ultrasonic blind cleaning training are noted on the chart of Equipment Suppliers.}

   Blind cleaning represents a business opportunity that exists in several variations.  It can be a  great niche in which to operate - if executed properly in a market which is large enough to support the size of the desired enterprise, whether as a source of full or part time revenue.  Most professional blind cleaners use at least one of the two most common cleaning methods, either ultrasonic or injection/extraction.  Each method inherently has advantages and disadvantages, so companies which offer both can provide a wider range of services to their customers.  
   While some companies who sell blind cleaning equipment offer fairly complete business packages, others only provide the equipment.  If you want to go "ala carte" then you can put together a training and equipment package that fits your budget and needs.  If you are looking for used equipment, don't forget to check out our Abby's Attic page for current listings.

Resource Websites for Entrepreneurs:    (Entrepreneur operate outside the "box") (Concept and Business Development - of Owner)

Listed Marekting Resources are provided for your reference.  Members and Associate Members will see more after they log into the site as materials provided here are "Public" level samples.

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