2023 Webinar Schedule:


Webinars typically are about 45-60 minutes in length on the featured topic with opportunity for discussion and question throughout, followed by a general time for open discussion between participants about industry related topics of interest.  While for experienced cleaners much of the material may be "review", typically there are gems of information or vendors or other resources, tricks of the trade or tips that pop up in the material or discussions that make it well worth the time to listen to these discussions.  While we do record some of these sessions, we do not generally make them available afterwards out of respect for the privacy/business practices of that those who participate.  Everyone knows who is online (competitors or otherwise) and are free to share was much or as little as they want to share in a given session. At some point we will offer edit version of the material for online education/training purposes, however we do not yet have those capabilities in place.


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2/09/23 - Best Practices for Cleaning Honeycomb Shades
3/16/23 - Cleaning Stage Drapery & Large Commerical Jobs

5/11/23 - Blind Cleaning Business Models
6/26/23 - Blind Cleaning Chemicals
8/10/23 - Best Practices for Cleaning Sheer Shades

10/05/23 - Production Blind/Drapery Cleaning Ideas
11/30/23 - Best Practices for Cleaning Roman Shades

 Access links to Webinars (Zoom Meetings/Webinars) are sent by E-mail to Members in advance and on the day of the event.  Those webinars open to blind cleaners and newsletter readers are posted on the Blind Cleaners Newseletter in advance of the event and in emails sent to the Newsletter Subscribers list.  Others in the industry may request the links if they are not on that list if they are in the industry.  These webinars are for those in the industry as owners, mangers, technicians etc., NOT consumers or the general public.  (We also reserve the right to exclude from partipation representatives of companys that may take and use the materials for their own competing training or educational purposes.)

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