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2024 Blind Cleaners Training Sessions

OnSite Fabricare Specialist: Injection/Extraction Fundamanetals

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning: Ultrasonic Fundamantals

Blind Cleaning Beyond the Basics: Advanced & Commercial Focus (Recertification)

Connect - Review & Revamp: Next Level Business Focus (Recertification)

Training sessions are available throughout the year ("Read More" for specific dates).


Our blind cleaning network shares the same facility as our local full time blind and drapery cleaning company. As our local business actively cleans all types of window treatments using both ultrasonics and injection-extraction cleaning methods and equipment for residential and commercial clients of all sizes you will be in a "real world" training environment, not a sales room. Presentations are done in the conference room allowing us to look at sample blinds or pictures conveniently, while hands on experience is gained out in the shop practicing what has been discussed. Our missiong is to support independent blind/drapery cleaners in their business. We have examples of the commonly used equipment in our shop on which you will get hands on experience.

Private Customized or Company Specific Training Options Are Available

Are you serious about learning how to become a blind cleaner?

Are you interested in adding to your knowledge base as a professional?

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning: minis, faux woods, verticals, honeycombs, sheer shades, etc. 

On-Site Fabricare Specialist:  Injection/Extraction Cleaning  of fabric honeycomb and sheer shades, draperies, valances etc.

Class and Educational Events are IICRC Approved for CEU's and earn hours for those holding IICRC Certifications.

OnSite Fabricare Specialist: Injection/Extraction Fundamanetals

 Feb 21-22  Wed-Thurs               May 24-25 Fri-Sat        July 24-25  Wed-Thurs           Oct. 25-26  Fri-Sat

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning: Ultrasonic Fundamantals

Feb 22-23  Fri-Sat            May 22-23  Wed-Thurs          July 26-27  Fri-Sat                 Oct 23-24 Wed-Thurs 

Connect - Review & Revamp: Next Level Business Focus (Recertification)

 March  8-9  Fri-Sat             May 10-11 Fri-Sat         July 15-16  Mon-Tues            Sept 13-14  Fri-Sat

 Registration Form Download at Bottom of Page

Advanced Registrations (At least 2 weeks) are required in most cases - unless there is room in the class for which you are signing us with any questions BEFORE making travel plans etc.


  2 Day Foundational Classes Cost: $1,375 (Non-Members*) $975 Members (Each additional from same company $400)

Save - Book Back to Back Sessions and Pay only $400 per person for days 3-4 in the other training

Any Recertification Sessions for Members $200 (Non-refundable Reservation)

 For any other training programs please contact us by E-mail. 

(*Program Cost includes 1 Year of Membership in the Network)

Basic Classes limited to 6 companies/12 participants  Recertification/Advanced Sessions limited to 12 companies/18 participants

Hosted at and Louvers Lane Blind and Drapery Cleaning & More in Crest Hill, IL, a 1 hour drive from either Chicago airport.

Limited Space: Registration Payment Required to Hold Your Spot - Act now!


Whether you are a prospective business owner or an experienced blind cleaner our educational programs will have value for you. Foundational courses blend classroom time with hands-on cleaning in a operating blind cleaning facility. You'll gain an inside perspective on the fundamentals of blind cleaning. We are uniquely qualified to offer training geared to those that will be using either ultrasonic blind cleaning or injection-extraction equipment. After reviewing basic product knowledge and pre-inspection skills we get you into the shop cleaning actual blinds hands yourself. You'l learn the fundamentals for cleaning the most common types of window treatments. Consider this training as an INVESTMENT in building your business. Better to learn from us before ending up paying for a few ruined blinds/drapery (and perhaps still not knowing what you did wrong and damaged reputation) - or buying the wrong equipment and still not know what you are doing. Shorten the learning curve to success. Experienced cleaners come to pump us for information and to "steal" ideas. No matter what your background the information learned will stimulate your thinking and broaden your blind/shade/drapery cleaning business horizons.

Our events for experienced blind cleaners are operated on a bit looser structure where the emphasis is building on the knowledge you already have and gaining value from others in the group with experience in areas that you want to explore or learn more about whether in cleaning techniques or your blind and drapery cleaning business operations. We will cover new product developement, review key topics and explore a variety of skills or metrics in a setting condusive to get you thinking and working ON improving your business. We know not all of our network members are "full time cleaners" (most aren't), but all understand this part of their business can be a profitable part of their operations when done correctly. We mutually commit to an ongoing process of professional development to maintain and protect the integrity of our collective brand and individual operations.

Class registration is confirmed with your registration payment.


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The class sponsor reserves the right to refuse participation to blind cleaners (current or prospective) whose reputation or services who are not in harmony with the standards of our community of professionals.

If you want to host training sessions or a related professional seminar for your region of the country or just your team at your facility please contact us.


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