Blind Cleaning_Training_Class_Blindcleaners.bizAs we aren't selling equipment, chemicals or a busines opportunity, our perspective on training for blind cleaners comes from a desire to see your business succeed. Our desire is to help other blind cleaners as we together raise the bar professionally in this industry. The person teaching the class has made a living cleaning blinds and draperies and actually operating a local blind cleaning company. Your investment in training includes ongoing support and Membership in our network of professional minded blind cleaners. You can ask us about equipment, chemicals and asseccories, but we don't sell them. We have just used them in the real world and are happy to share our experience (and those of others) in the network, so you can make decisions which make sense for your situation. Learn from our mistakes, not your own - it's cheaper and less stressful.

In our industry many of the companies that sell new blind cleaning equipment offer "training" for customers. The quality and depth of such training (and after the sale support) varies and is usually not as comprehensive or ongoing as the sales pitch implies (to put it politely). Rarely is the training done by an active blind cleaner, with over fifteen years of full time experience. We teach the priciples and practices that will make you successful with whatever equipment you have purchased. They make their money on the sale of equipment and chemicals and often "promise the world" until your check is cashed. When you need timely support after the class is their definition of around the clock availability a number you can call to leave a message on an answering machine or their direct cell phone number? {Currently, retailers who offer ultrasonic blind cleaning training are noted on the chart of Equipment Suppliers.}


The offices and training facilites of the Blind Cleaner's Network share the building of a Chicagoland blind cleaning shop. Students move from the conference/training room into the shop simply by walking down a hallway into the shop. We provide the opportunity for hands on cleaning as well as thorough lectures (Presentation notes are provided so you can pay attention to what matters most to you. Questions are always welcome.). Come see how our shop is run and learn from others to figure out what will work best for your particular situation and business model. While we don't have all the answers, we'll gladly put in you contact with other network members whose experience may be helpful for what you would like to do.

The information provided on this site (95% of which is secure behind the Member's login) is meant to be an aid in making informed decisions. Don't be pressured into an equipment sale or believe that you have to act "today" for a special price. Reputable companies will answer your questions, provide references and even ask you questions to insure that the intended purchase is a good fit for your situation. If you have questions, do some more research. Investing in the basic training class or a Membership could save you thousands of dollars and untold heartache. As you apply what is learned is applied to making key decisions regarding your equipment, business model, marketing or the services offered in your business you'll avoid some common pitfalls novices in this busines make.

    Disclaimer: We list companies on this site for your convenienced and reference as you do your due diligence in checking out various equipment. We DO NOT endorse or recommend specific companies. Some have a poor reputation in our industry, others have established a good reputation among other blind cleaners (We get feedback in annual surveys and from blind cleaners across the continent, who tell us their stories).{attachments}

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