What chemistry do I need for ultrasonic blind cleaning?

As ultrasonic blind cleaning depends upon ultrasonics to do the primary cleaning, it logically stands to reason that one who uses cleaning chemistry specifically designed for that purpose will achieve the best results on the materials commonly found in blinds and shades.

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Blind Cleaning Chemicals
Supplier Chemical Size Price
Custom Compounders Mighty Brite XL 5 Gallons $74.75 Alkaline detergent concentrate with built in water conditioners for all types of soils
636-583-4709 Multi Brite 45 lbs. $176.00 High alkaline powdered detergent concentrate with built in water conditioners for all types of soils
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Glisten 45 lbs. $170.00 Neutral pH powdered detergent concentrate with built in water conditioners
  Smokebuster 5 Gallons $128.00 High performance alkaline detergent concentrate forumulated for carbon/smoke soils.  Fire/Smoke Restoration
  Citra Brite 5 Gallons $112.00 High performance natural citrus solvent pre-spray concentrate, easy pre-treatment of problems stains/soils.
  Citra Brite 1 Gallon


High performance natural citrus solvent pre-spray concentrate.
  Booster 5 Gallons $125.50 Detergent additive concentrate, fortify detergent solutions for difficult soils. (Kitchen grease)
  Rinse 5 Gallons $104.00 Rinse additive, drying agent, static guard concentrate.  Speed drying prevent water spotting
  Water Conditioner 5 Gallons $107.75 Concentrate additive, eliminate clouding, filming and water stains caused by mineral precipitation/Hard water
  Degreaser 5 Gallons $83.50 Multi-purpose cleaner concentrate blended for quick removal of grease and soil from any surface
Commercial Cleanser Company Comco Ultrasonic Cleaner 50 lbs. $87.40 Powdered blind cleaning formula
847-678-0515 Comco Rinse Agent 1 Gallon $54.00 Rinse Agent
  Emulsifier 1 Gallon $54.60 Cleaning Agent Emulsifier
SMART Chemicals (As of 8/2023 Not Currently Being Made) SMART Pre-Spray Concentrate 1 Gallon


Pre-Spray treatment of Fabric Shades and removal of dingy gray in many fabric shades.
(Production under consideration)
4 Gallon Case 

 $180.00 ($45.00/gallon)


SMART Detergent:

On-site or Ultrasonic

1 Gallon $49.00

Detergent for On-Site: Suitable for wet cleaning all fibers and fabrics.  Contains emulsifiers, brightners, anti-browning agents, water softners with no fillers.

Detergent for Ultrasonic: Very concentrated, extra lemon oil for grease removal as well as other surface active agents, emulsifiers, brightners, anti-browning agents, water softners with no fillers.

4 Gallon Case $180.00 ($45.00/gallon)
SMART Quick Rinse 1 Gallon $65.00
SMART Blue 1 Gallon $28.00  Pre-Spray for Aluminun and Faux Wood Blinds (not for fabric blinds).

4 Gallon Case

 $100.00 (25.00/gallon)
Dirtyblinds.com Water Softener 4 Gallons $144.00  
800-976-6427 Cleaning Solution 4 Gallons $136.00  
  Degreaser 4 Gallons $148.00  
  Dri-Agent 4 Gallons $152.00  
Morantz Activator Water Softener 5 Gallons $189.95 Water Softener
800-695-4522 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution 5 Gallons $189.95 Basic Cleaner
  Synergizer Cleaning Solution 5 Gallons $189.95  Degreaser
  Energizer Rinse Agent 5 Gallons $189.95 Rinse/Dry Agent
  Miracle Chemical 1 Gallon $99.95 (Chemical used if doing Electronics cleaning)
Omegasonics OmegaWash II 25 lbs 100.00 Powdered Basic Blind Cleaning Soap 
866-363-4838 Citrus Degreaser Soap 6 1 Gallon $29.00 For dirty, oil soils on blinds other items, citrus odor 
  Omega Rinse 1 Gallon $50.00  
  OmegaSmoke 2.5 Gallons  $199.00  Smoke remover, cleaner, soot, smoke odors etc.   (Dilute properly)
Baquacil   Liquid Peroxide   www.baquacil.com  to search for the nearest dealer to you
On-site Fabricare
Dry Cleaning Solvent 1 Gallon $29.68 Dry Cleaning Solution for drapery, valance and some room darkening blinds
800-811-9367 Dry Cleaning Solution 5 Gallon $150.58  
815-577-9797 Dry Cleaning Booster 1 Gallon $98.00 Concentrate - add to recycled solvent to recharge or as booster in pre-spray etc.
Order Form Below Wet Cleaning Concentrate 1 Gallon $20.95 Fabric Cleaning Concentrate for wet cleaning fabrics, furniture, blinds etc.
  QDFree Fabric Protector   1 Gallon $48.50 California Compliant Fabric Protectant 
  QDFree Fabric Protector 5 Gallon $225.50  

Flame Retardant


1 Gallon Gallon  Coming Soon Flame Retardant Application for Fabrics...

Ultrasonic Power Co.


Brulin 815GD 5 Gallons $220.00 Basic Cleaner
        Updated 8/10/2023 

Prices or products may have changed without the manufacturers or suppliers informing us. Any changes or suggestions - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Chemistry Terms

by Karlan C. Kastendieck (while at Custom Compounders Inc. )

This Blindcleaners.biz Newsletter article was a short glossary of commonly used cleaning terms and their definitions.

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