Compact Shop Blower


Do you need a powerful compact blower for clearing out bugs in the cells in shades or drying blinds?  Shop for a commercial quality pet grooming dryer.  It is even handier if mounted on a rolling platform or pedestal stand (which can be purchased or made). 

Hoses, nozzles, booster heat, dual speeds and even intake filters are all options.  This basic model has just one of two 6 ft hoses connected.  If you put a piece of  pipe foam around the edge of the air intake it acts as a muffler and disrupts the airflow enough to stop the irritating whistling that may occur without it.    Spending a few extra dollars for a commercial quality blower with a better motor is important as you'll want this tool to give years of reliable service.

 Grooming Blower - For Use on Mini Blinds Etc.  You can shop local vendors, E-Bay or the Internet for prices and product information.  We recommend buying a commercial quality machine with either a high/low setting or an adjustable air nozzle.

   The heat of the motor warms the air slightly so spending money for an additional heater element isn't necessary in our opinion.  If you are just using the blower for a few minutes at a time - by the time the heater is warm you may be done.

   Maintenance for the blowers consists of periodically cleaning out any filters and being sure that dust, pet hair or other debris isn't blocking the air inlets or outlets.  If an on/off switch goes bad they are not difficult to replace if you are mechanically inclined.  Cords are also replaceable so as long as the motor continues to work, you are in business.

   If you need a large volume blower a shop vacuum will do the job.  Be sure you get a model that produces a high volume of air on the blower setting.  On the vacuum setting the shop vac works to suck water out of fabric blinds or off the floor of your shop as the need may be. (Just don't forget to empty and clean it out after use for wet cleaning!)

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