Why a "Blind Cleaners Network"?

Carpet cleaners, janitorial companies, and others who "clean blinds and draperies" often are just dusting or vacuuming (sometimes they spray the drapery beforehand) to freshen things up. The dedicated professional on the other hand typically brings into play a level of knowledge, experience, equipment, and expertise the other cleaners often lack. The blind and drapery cleaner cares about using the BEST methods and procedures for safely deep cleaning the various types of blinds/shades/custom window treatments, not just "freshening up" its looks and calling it "clean". One type of cleaner may be doing you a favor while there to do other cleaning and hoping to add to their ticket. The professional blind/drapery cleaner comes focused with knowledge of custom window treatments and access to equipment (ultrasonic/injection-extraction/hand methods) to safely deliver results the casual cleaner may not know is possible (or to do it without inadvertently damaging your treatments through mishandling etc.). Those who are serious about learning our trade and practicing it along with us will find value in this group. Those who are looking for these types of services also will find direction through our network as we assist consumers looking for local professional blind/drapery cleaners. 

The internet today is full of referral harvesting sites (for companies that sell leads for $$ per referral) posing as actual blind cleaning companies or promising "screened" referrals if you just give them your name, contact information, and needs. They then sell your information to any company that says they clean blinds/drapery and is willing to pay their fees and has a legal right to operate and they may even check to see if they are insured. Read the fine print however and you'll see several "qualified" (i.e. they paid $ for your lead) will contact you—however, the risk of hiring them is all yours as their business is selling leads, not pairing you up with a service-qualified local professional. Contact our network for referrals to actual blind cleaners and family businesses that really exist to help you out, not to sell your information, the people who respond to phone calls or emails aren't salespeople, rather they work in the industry and can give you advice from experience when appropriate and answer your questions.

Blindcleaners.biz is the resource site for a large network of professional blind and drapery cleaners. Network participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all share a commitment to professionalism, personal development, and delivery of the best services to their clients. Their definition of being a "professional" is not limited to just watching a few video clips, dunking a few blinds in a machine for friends, or advertising their services as "blind cleaners" after a few hours of "training". Just owning a machine capable of doing ultrasonic or injection-extraction cleaning doesn't mean one knows the proper techniques or best cleaning chemistry to safely clean fabric shades, draperies, or various specialty blinds. "Experience" is not always an accurate indicator either if one's knowledge base is outdated or incomplete. As a group, we care about building professionalism and providing support to those in this niche field of the cleaning industry and the consumers looking to us for services. We also provide consulting for the fabricators evaluating the best ways to clean the window treatments made.

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On this public level of the site, you will find a few introductory information articles, charts, or resources. Members of our network log in to the site to access extended menus, hundreds of articles related to the industry, and a resource manual. 

Consumers looking for a local blind cleaner can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for assistance in locating a local blind cleaner or with their questions. If you call our office at 815-577-2221 and leave a message one of us will respond within a business day (or two) as we are real people actually in the industry, not software or lead selling operations.

We don't like seeing or hearing about the aftermath of a blind cleaning job that went awry, ruining blinds or shades. Bon Soir_Silhouette_Cleaned_Wrong_blindcleaners.biz_example_pictureTypically, problems are a result of either hiring a company that didn't know enough about the custom blinds they were asked to clean, a failure to adequately pre-inspection things beforehand, or one who didn't know the appropriate cleaning protocols for a particular item or situation. For example, this shade (one of five) was ruined by a "professional" who used the wrong cleaning process on a room darkening Hunter Douglas Silhouette. If you want to locate (or be) a knowledgeable local blind cleaner in your community, please let us know!

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