Blind Cleaner's Forum

The Blind Cleaner's Forum will be a two day gathering of professionally minded blind cleaners coming together to spend time focussing on learning from others advanced cleaning techniques, exchanging ideas and businesses development discussions.  It will be a unique opportunity to learn by coming together with your peers in the industry.
Format: Topic Seminars, Directed Discussions, "Hands On" in the Shop Advanced Technique Sessions, Peer to Peer Interactions    

Day One: (Morning) Marketing: Print - Postcards, Door Hangers, Fliers   

                                              Internet - Website, Links, Social Media, Advertising

               (Afternoon) Cleaning Chemistries, Science of Ultrasonic Cleaning, Injection/Extraction, etc.

                                 Hands On: Advanced Blind Cleaning Techniques (Severe dirt, smoke, smells, paints etc.)


Day Two: (Morning) Large Volume Jobs - Commerical Jobs, Tips and Pointers for Smooth Operations

                              Blind and Drapery Inspections - Prequalifying your Work to Avoid Trouble, Liability, Specialty Blinds

              (Afternoon) Hands On - Best Practices for Cleaning Luminettes & Silhouettes and other Specialty Shades

Teaching and discussions will be directed by Bert or a group of experienced blind cleaners sharing, practical implementation of successful strategies and procedures. While we will do several "hands on" sessions on advanced blind cleaning techniques, this is NOT a “hands on” cleaning course for beginners. Our purpose will be to provide two value packed days of content and collaboration between experienced blind cleaners.

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What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic blind cleaning has been around for decades, though many people either don't understand how it is done or would like to learn more about it. For those interested in a quick overview of the basics, we'll take a brief look at this method for cleaning blinds and shades.

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Thank you for joining the network! We look forward to your active participation in building this community of professional blind cleaners.

We will contact you via E-mail shortly with your User ID and Password.  Either myself or Tammy Betry, the administrative assistant for the network, may also call to verify information submitted or to obtain answers to a question or two as we set up your account.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.  We are here to help.  As our network is an active, growing entity.  There are more things going on behind the scenes than may be seen on the web site at any given point in time.  We may have the resources you need - or know who does, so feel free to contact one of us and ask.


Bert Bolton

Administrator Network

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