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Blind Cleaner's Website? The ProcessThis website is a resource portal for professionally minded blind cleaners who enjoy connecting with and learning from each other. The support of Members of the Blind Cleaner's Network fund and sponsor its activities for those in this niche of the cleaning industry. Our activities seek to promote the knowledge and use of proper techniques for the cleaning and the care of custom window treatments with both consumers and fabricators. We work with fabricators to develop safe cleaning protocols for their products based upon our firsthand knowledge and work from the real world. For consumers we provide assistance in finding reputable blind cleaners and answering questions about cleaning. Vendors whose products or services are relevent to what we do may also network with us.

These resources are possible through the synergy and efficiency found in working together toward goals that are impractical as individual businesses. If you are a "professionally minded" individual or company in the industry, we invite you to join our growing network. We sponsor private forums, webinars, the Newsletter and website resources to support the success of others in this profession.

Non-Affiliated Participants: Those with a casual interest in blind cleaning are welcome to participate on a basic level with our network. Hundreds of people read our newsletter to learn about the industry, explore opportunities or for various reasons without committing to actually becoming active Members of the network. Occassionally we offer informational webinars open to blind cleaners and sponsor private forums just for blind cleaners (our private Facebook group is currently the most popular). Blind cleaners are invited to share their company information with us. Occassionally we pass customer referals to non-members to help out consumers, so let us know you exist! Website resources for the public is limited to general information and a selection of articles on various topics.


Members have access to all the resources of the network. The most valuable ones are the Blind Cleaner's Resource Guide, Newsletter Archives, personal consulting and networking opportunities. Additionally more in depth resources are visible with the expanded menus Members see after logging into the site. Active web links and full business listings on our web sites and first priority on all phone and E-mail quote requests push prospective customers directly to Members. Dues for Membership are a modest $19 per month or $200 per year. Members are authorized to use our logo on their website and in their materials to promote their affiliation with our professional network. logo membership 12-sample

Members: The resources available through several web sites operated by the Network allow our members to benefit from the collective resources of a broad network of professionally-minded blind and drapery cleaners. Resources and opportunities continue to expand as our network grows and matures.

Corporate Memberships: Companies that wish to advertise in our Newsletter, on web pages of this network (including the forum, other sites as well as this one) with active hyperlinks, etc. may either become corporate members or advertising sponsors by paying the current membership dues or current advertising rates.  Other options are also available. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Corporate Members should understand from the onset that Membership does not equal a blanket "endorsement" of that company, it's products or services.  While we welcome affiliate arrangements beneficial to our members, will not act as a representative for a particular company, product or service.  Members are encouraged to use the available information to make the best buying decision for their own particular needs.

International Members: Professionally-minded blind cleaners from other countries are welcome to join the network and participate in the forum. Some benefits of the network, such as participation in our Customer Referrals Program, are currently not available to those outside of North America (though we have passed referrals as far away as Australia).

There are over a thousand companies offering blind cleaning services across the United States. Through, professionally minded blind cleaners can stay abreast of what is going on in the industry, be part of a larger network and reap the rewards on a  scale impossible to achieve individually. We invite you to join us today.  Complete the form below and submit the appropriate dues (About the cost of cleaning one blind a month). Become a part of our growing network of professionals!

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