Customer Referral Program - Blind Cleaners Network

Our network of professionals exists to promote our services to consumers and to set themselves apart from those who call themselves "blind cleaners" but whose lack of expertise, product knowledge, or substandard practices might cast a poor reflection upon our industry.    

Unlike many businesses and marketing programs on the internet, we are not simply a "pay to be listed" service. Our network redirects thousands of leads per month to blind cleaners through a number of basic methods, some of which are not available from other sites or programs.

Fabricators: Do you want your company to be a part of the network Hunter Douglas (and other affiliates), Springs Window Fashions (Bali, Graber, and other affiliates), and more listed in their consumer materials under "Care and Cleaning" information?  Our directory of Members is referenced by their customer service teams and others as well when helping consumers inquiring about local blind cleaners. These fabricators don't want to work with professionals who have shown a commitment to learning the proper cleaning procedures and care of their products (or have online access to that information).

Websites: Consumers find a directory of our Members on our main sites ( or or other sites we use to provide information to consumers about how to safely clean their blinds. Some of these sites get thousands of hits per month and many of them inform and encourage prospective customers to your business on what to expect in terms of best practices for their treatments. We don't just pass "cold leads", but use information to filter and pre-screen contacts as well as manage expectations. As blind cleaners ourselves, they hear some of the cautions and qualifications (age, glue lines, etc.) from us first so you aren't the first to raise a red flag or present the information.

Phone Calls & E-mails: Crazy as it may sound in our day, we actually speak to people who call or e-mail us with cleaning questions or seeking to find a connection to a local blind cleaner. Our websites and phone numbers have been around for a long time and we get referrals from decorators, fabricators, and other blind cleaners who forward out-of-area contacts to us. We consult our database and match these prospective customers to blind cleaners by either asking the local blind cleaner to call them or by communicating with the prospect ourselves.

Membership Directory & Fabricator Listings:  Savvy Members of our Network know the value of having their company known as the preferred service provider of the major fabricators in their service area.  They contact local retailers and designers to promote their Certification(s) and Membership in the network. Those local contacts in turn often provide a steady stream of clients to them as one is more likely to receive the best service from a professionally affiliated professional than a maverick operator with unknown expertise. As we all know, just because someone has been providing a service for a long time doesn't necessarily mean they are the best or even good; however, a company that has invested in professional training and associations for professional development usually reflects upon a mentality committed to providing services at or above industry norms. 

Direct Connection to Members: Listed Members in the Directories have weblinks and their phone numbers provided for consumers to get in touch with them directly, so most referrals pass seamlessly to our Members without them even realizing the lead originated from one of our sites. New members sometimes think that the 4-5 phone calls or e-mails a month that they may get (in major markets) are the only leads received from the network's activities when the reality is there are many more.

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