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Thank you for joining the network! We look forward to your active participation in building this community of professional blind cleaners.

We will contact you via E-mail shortly with your User ID and Password.  Either myself or Vicky Karpiesz, the administrative assistant for the network, may also call to verify the information submitted or to obtain answers to a question or two as we set up your account.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.  We are here to help.  As our network is an active, growing entity.  More things are going on behind the scenes than may be seen on the website at any given point in time.  We may have the resources you need - or know who does, so feel free to contact one of us and ask.


Bert Bolton

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The Newsletter is a FREE resource published monthly for subscribers. Occasionally we send out other E-mails with links for our educational webinars, notices of network activities and at the end of the year the Annual Survey. Our mission is to be a resource for those in the industry, we won't flood your box with E-mails or share your information with other parties. We welcome E-mail feedback, article suggestions, or submissions for the Newsletter. (Company Profiles, Trade Tips, Book Reviews, Marketing Minute, Feature Articles, Supplier Profiles, etc.).


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"Vicky’s Attic" is the location on our site where Members and those who visit the site are welcome to participate in a “yard sale” for used blind cleaning equipment. (New equipment listings are found in another category)  Those who participate agree to the terms outlined below. Listings are provided as a courtesy to allow participants an effective means of turning “extra” equipment into cash.

As the Seller, I Agree to the Following Terms:

  1. I certify that as the seller the description, photographs, information, including age and condition (including operational status) of the equipment provided is true and accurate. must receive a printable copy of the details relevant to your listing to create the ad. (Price, description, contact information etc.)
  2. I agree to pay to a listing fee of $30.00 to defray listing and promotional costs. Payment is required BEFORE the listing will be promoted or ad copy posted.
  3. As the seller, I agree to pay a 4% referral commission of the actual selling price for listed item(s) to upon completion of the sales transaction. If the item is sold through another venue or my own personal efforts, I agree to notify to remove the listing (and will owe nothing more).
  4. I understand that is neither an agent for the seller or the buyer. promotion of the listing merely facilitate connections between the parties.
  5. I accept full responsibility for the terms, pricing and any conditions placed upon my listing. does not set or determine listing price(s). agrees to the Following Terms:

  1. Maintain an Internet ad in the appropriate section of the Website (Currently Vicky’s Attic).  The notices will stay active for one year or until you (the seller) notify us ( of a change in status.  If your contact information becomes outdated (bad phone number or E-mail) we reserve the right to deactivate the listing until your contact information is updated.
  2. Your listing will be periodically highlighted in the twice monthly Newsletters or on other affiliated web sites at our discretion, and to those on our buyer’s waiting lists as appropriate.

E-mailing (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) us this agreement is your "signature" and along with your $30 listing deposit certifies that you agree to the terms and conditions listed for use of an Vicky’s Attic ad.

The Agreement and Payment can be either paid by mailing a check or request that we bill you using Quick Books so you can pay with a credit card or electronic check. If you'd like your listing active right away - either E-mail us the payment This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request that we invoice you. Upon confirmation of the payment's deposit we'll activate your ad once the necessary information has been supplied and entered into our website. (Usually within 1-2 business days.)

Checks should be made payable to   1950 Leness Lane Suite B, Crest Hill, IL 60403


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