Corporate Membership

Corporations that desire to support and participate in the activities of our professionall network are invited to apply.  Corporate members are granted access to many of the resources in this site along with access to interact with those that participate in the network. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We'll have a representative of the network contact you to discuss the matter.

Corporate Members as well as companies that have affiliate relationships with our network help support this site and the resources offered to other blind cleaners.  They also gain access to advertising opportunities on our websites, to subscribers to the Newsletter and to our Membership.

We do not sell or rent our database, nor will we act as agents for any particular company as we seek to protect our integrity as a resource site providing information from which participants may benefit.

For blind and shade fabricators we offer consulting services and welcome a working relationships that will be of benefit to those involved.  Input from our blind cleaners (who in many cases also sell blinds) who work in your customer's homes with your products may be invaluable.  If you would like to arrange for an evaluation on a product relative to cleaning, we have the capabilities and expertise to do so.  Technical issues relative to products and cleaning are accessible on secure areas of this site for the professional members of our network.