Membership Gold Membership sampleWe invite professionally minded blind cleaners to join us in working together to collectively have a positve impact in our industry.  In return for a modest investment Members are granted full access to all of the network's resources and benefits.  Reap the full benefits of having your business promoted in the Customer Referral Program, particapte in private webinars, chats or online group pages, tap into the resources and knowledge base contained in the Blind Cleaner's Resource Guide and enjoy Member's Discounts on purchases from vendors. Network Terms of Membership


As a Member of the Blind Cleaner's Network you receive the following:

1) Access of all articles and Newsletter Archieves and related materials. (Hundreds of articles from the past decade)

2) Access to the secure professional blind cleaner's forum or private group pages to interact with other cleaners from around the world.

3) Full promotion of your business, including internet listings, in the Customer Referral Program. (Seen by blind fabricators and consumers)

4) Access to the Blind Cleaner's Resource Guide, the secure online manual for all things pertaining to the blind cleaning business including cleaning instructions, business resources and other proprietary information coutesy of supporting fabricators and industry companies and professionals.

5) Discounts offered by industry vendors and for network programs.



The following is the legal version that you agree to abide by in protecting us from those who would abuse the priveleges of Membership. 

  1. Release of is a conduit of resources provided from a number of sources for the individual use of its members. You accept complete responsibility for evaluating the information and exercising discretion in its use. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content, posts or materials published on our web sites deemed to be inappropriate, inaccurate or incompatible with our policies. Neither the contents of nor the advice of its employees, network participants or affiliates should be considered a replacement for seeking competent financial or legal counsel.
  2. Termination/Revoking of Membership Privileges/ reserves the right to terminate a member’s access to the website and other membership privileges if the conduct or actions of the member, their company or their employees are detrimental to the best interests of this business or other members of the network. Violation of forum rules, copyright infringements or use of proprietary materials or services in competition with the business activities of this firm will be grounds for termination and/or legal action as deemed appropriate.
  3. Services: The services provided to network participants by is based upon one's membership level. Members agree to support the network by participating in the services provided through and promoting those services as appropriate in their individual businesses including the use of approved logos and links on their websites to appropriate network sites during their term of Membership.
  4. Membership Dues: The financial dues of our members support the activities of the network and make possible the resources made available to them. To protect the inherent value of the professional content on this site from those who would attempt to poach our materials without a true commitment to supporting and participating in the organization, reserves the right to require that all dues be paid in full before access will be granted for restricted “Members Only” service areas. Membership is an annual commitment, for which monthly, bi-annual or annual payments are billed.  Requests for termination of membership privileges need to be submitted in writing and will become effective at the end of the current calendar month or the following month if the request is received after the 25th of the month. Access to the Members Resource Wiki may only be granted to those who have been members for at least six months or made a biannual or annual payment.
  5. Professional Ethics: Members and Associate Members of the Network agree to uphold the highest level of professional and personal honesty, integrity and ethics in their involvement with this business and other members of the network in harmony with the Ethical Standards all levels of membership are required to subscribe to in order to participate in this organization.
  6. Copyrights/Redistribution of Materials: Members agree to hold in confidence professional information derived from this site. Requests to use, copy or adapt any articles or printed forms posted on this website for personal or business use shall be directed to or the original author(s). Any unauthorized reproduction, duplication, posting or resale of any of the material on the website is strictly prohibited. Information is provided for member’s personal professional development and all materials are protected by federal copyright laws. The unethical use of our materials or that of others will not be tolerated.