Value of Membership

While your financial support of the activities of is sincerely appreciated, we trust you are "professionally minded".  The Members' Resources currently available are the result of the sacrifice and vision of other blind cleaners that have contributed over the years to make the growth of this network possible.    Regardless of your level of expertice we need your active participation in order to continue to improve.  While it is true our time is limited - we all have 24 hours in a day - by taking a few minutes every week to work with us in reading or writing, we'll be able to offer much much more in terms of content and resources.

Articles:  Members can write and submit articles for either public sharing (on the free part of the site) or for others in the network to enjoy.  You don't have to be a professional writer to contribute.  Other Members will be happy to "clean-up" your copy or flush out your outline, however, it takes someone to initiate the action.

Wiki Content:  The knowledge base on the Wiki will be an invaluable resource - however, such a manual isn't going to be written in a few days or weeks (unless you want to donate a large sum to finance it's writing).  Don't look to just take information from this resource - give a bit of time weekly to starting, editing or working on related materials.  Everyone has varying levels of expertise - some new to cleaning will still be able to contribute through asking questions and editing if not suggesting new pages and content.   Our more experienced Members will be able to suggest alternative methods, clarify or correct material and know of other resources that would be of help.  Eventually this wiki will become the knowledge base that unlocks more doors of opportunity to our Members in ways we'll explain in future months.

Protect the Value of our Professional Community:   Membership has its privileges.  While we are sharing information on the public sides of the site for consumer awareness and to introduce blind cleaners to what we offer, it is meant to be limited.  Please do not share specific marketing campaigns, detailed cleaning procedures or such that should be reserved for those that are serious enough to join what we are doing.  We are building a community of professionals that value information.  Those looking to get everything (including help to bail them out of their ignorance) for FREE inherently aren't the "professionally minded" folks who will contribute to our organization.

Forum:  Use the forum - it provides support to help others succeed.  At any given time you may be on either side of an issue - either needing advice or thankful someone else with experience cared enough to share.  It helps us all when those in our industry do a better job.  We build and protect our reputation collectively one step at a time.   The most frequent complaint received about the forum is that people don't participate.  This is only partially true.  Usually there are too many people that are "lurkers", those reading and standing around the fringes of the action without contributing.  Participation encourages more conversation - help build some of the positive momentum personally!

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