Marketing Mistakes

 $   Confusing quantity with quality.  Do you want 20% of 100 quality oriented prospects calling or 2% of 1,000 coupon clipping price shoppers?

$  Listening to the advice of people in shirts and ties making their living money SELLING advertising rather than some not so formal (or perhaps with too strong a personality) individual making lots of money WITH their marketing strategies.  Advertising and marketing aren’t synonyms.  Buying thousands of dollars in local phone book ads may ruin your bottom line.

$   Buying “trinkets and trash” - cute promotional materials that don’t convert to clients.  Cute is great if it will keep your business in front of the client and prompt a phone call.  A business name with no phone number or web site?

$   Timing.   For many blind or drapery clients the Spring and Fall seasons are traditionally the time when cleaning is a front brain activity.  Early January is more suited to taking a vacation than launching a series of radio spots pushing a “whole house” cleaning special.

$   Going for fancy over functional.  Successful advertising results in action.  A simple flier on uniquely colored paper that is read will make more money than the glossy four color postcard dropped in the trash.  Fall in love with the marketing pieces that actually WORK for the business rather than those that simply LOOK good for it!

$    Reinventing the wheel.  Unless you have an empty calendar, plenty of credit and wonderful creativity, it’s more cost  effective to purchase a wheel and put it immediately into use.  Putting a PROVEN marketing strategy into action gets the cash register ringing faster than trying to put one together from scratch, test and fully develop it.


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