PB3 OnSite Equipment Package

PB3 & On-Site Equipment Package    


Blind cleaning package purchased from On-Site a few years ago when owners of retail company decided to do some blind cleaning. Their decision to no longer do cleaning provides an opportunity for you to pick up a collection of well cared for equipment at a fair price.  This equipment is ideal for cleaning high end window treatments, upholstery and other fabrics as it is capable of either wet or dry cleaning.  Ironically as the manufacturers of the various items represented in this package no longer either make or make them with the better quality parts (to tolerate solvent cleaning etc.) one can not get these items today as they are here.


Asking: $1,350  Price Reduced 10/6/2020



Contact:  Don Fridley  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Located near Detroit, MI.



PB 3 (285 hours use) & Complete Set of Cleaning Heads and Hose Set

Power Head Scrubbing Brush Set - Drill, Interchangable Brush, Pads

Wine Filter  (Recycling Dry Cleaning Solvent - this older model tolerates solvent)

Misc. Wet and Dry Cleaning Chemicals, Spotting Agents etc.

Spray Wand, Metal Spotting Head, Bags, Belt Hooks & More... 

This whole package sold for well over $4,500 plus new....













DonF OnSite Supplies Equipment Picture


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