When a Graber G71 vertical center split pulls on just one side:

Common Symptom:. Customer complains their vertical blind suddenly draws only on one side or won’t move on one side when the cord is pulled.

Possible Solution: Missing set screw that anchors lead carrier to the pull cord.

Problem: The screw that anchors the pull cord to the lead carrier as it passes through the cylinder (top object in picture) has loosened up.  Sometimes you just need to slide the blind closed manually and tighten the screw using the hex wrench.  Often a new screw is needed to replace the one vacuumed up before you were called….

Parts:  Visit your local hardware store and buy extra screws and wrenches for less than a buck.

Graber G71 Tilt Gear Replacement


Graber G71 Tilt Gear Replacement


Symptom: Tilt Gear Failure - no louver rotation when chain moves.

Tools: Standard screw driver, long needle or pointed scribing tool, drill, 7/64 drill bit, medium Philips screw driver

1) Remove the vanes, stacking them out of your way.

2) Using the standard screw driver, push up the tabs on the back of each bracket to remove the rail.

3) Remove the old tilt gear by removing the two Philips screws located inside the headrail.

4) Insert the new tilt gear - being sure the slots on the rail line up and that the rod is seated fully into it, so that it fits flush with the end of the rail.  Mark the holes for the anchoring screws using the needle point or scribing tool, so you know where to drill the holes for the new screws (which unlike the old screws come down through the top of the headrail).

5) Remove the tilt gear, drill the holes using a 7/64 bit.  Be careful, as it is critical that the holes go straight through and line up for the new part.

6) Re-insert the new tilter, running the pull cords through under the side rollers and being sure the rod is inserted into the tilter completely (and still in the end plate on the other end).  Check that the pull chain is balanced, and check that it operates and rotates properly now while you are holding it - before you screw it into place.

7) Use the Phillips screw driver to screw the new screws down into the hole intothe new tilter.  It is critical that the part be inserted correctly and flush tight with the end of the rail.

8) Double check operations, adjust and replace any broken carrier clips, missing combs, etc. and add the tassels or chain loop to the tilter chain.

9) Re-install the head rail, starting with the center brackets; be sure they click fully into place after insuring the rail is properly centered.

10) Re-install the vanes and confirm proper operation.

11)  Elapsed Time: 15 minutes + 5 minutes for cell phone interruptions, finding tools you set down and picking up dropped screws, etc.

***Another method is to carefully swap the plastic parts!  Using a standard screw driver, pop out the controls from the new part and insert them into the frame of the old tilter, as it is the plastic parts that break - not the metal mounting frame.  All the internal plastic wheels and parts are loose.  If you don’t keep them pinched together, you will need to be sure they are all in place before snapping it into the other metal frame.  Be sure it works smoothly.

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