Removing Paint from Luminettes

Removing paint from Luminette Privacy Sheers is something that can successfully be done in many cases with a good dose of patience and the right protocols.


Paint Drop on LuminetteFirst of all, one should pre-qualify any spotting attempts with the owner.  They own the stain.  You don’t want to own a hole or replace the Luminette, so be sure that any activities err on the conservative side, so that the fabric is not damaged by your hasty or harsh rubbing, or improper chemistry, or poor rinsing, etc.


After cleaning the Luminette, check the paint by introducing a POG (Paint-Oil-Grease) spotter (Breakdown by Jon-Don was used in our sample pictures) to an area only slightly larger than the spot.  Allow a few moments for the chemistry to act and see if the paint is softening up or “moving” by gently working it with your finger or a round “bone” spotting tool.  Gentle, patient, soft action here is crucial to prevent any stress to the fabric.  If the paint is moving, scrape off any excess if possible and work more POG into the spot.  Flush the area (using a Shade Bright head, an injection/extraction detail head or such works great for this though you can spray and blot if necessary) and repeat.  If it doesn’t move, rinse and flush the area thoroughly to remove the POG and STOP!


Gently Agitate Paint POGWhen the paint starts moving, it will look much worse as it spreads out.  Don’t panic.  Just keep the area wet with POG and flush.  Repeat a few times, working the more heavily painted areas patiently, until you have removed as much paint as you can without causing damage to the fabric (or color loss to the fabric).  Often one can get most, if not all, of the paint so that the spot no longer draws attention.


On colored fabrics, test a small spot with the POG, in an area where it won’t be noticed, for any adverse affects.  DO NOT leave any POG or residues from it on the fabric, as likely it will damage the texture of the material after a few minutes, so flush well! 

Below is a picture of the same paint drip pictured above after several rounds of patiently working as described.  

Paint Drop Removed

If you just have a small paint spot on the sheer face fabric, it is sometimes possible wet a spot on a towel with the POG, and using a finger behind the sheer to position the spot, simply wipe off the drip or mark with the towel treated with the POG.  This still must be done with minimal pressure and carefully, of course, so as not to deform the fabric.  Once again check the towel for paint transfer, and don't persist if no paint/color is being transferred. 

{By POG, here we are referring to a spotting chemical designed for “Paint Oil Grease” removal,  NOT simply a paint thinner, turpentine or the like.  Leaving these or any harsh chemicals on the fabric can cause damage to some fabrics.  We've seen more than one Luminette or Silhouette ruined by painters or clients who tried to “do it themselves” before calling for professional help.}

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