Blind Repairs: Can be great for referrals

Near the end of our first year in blind cleaning, we did a $750 Silhouette cleaning job (paid for by the insurance company as part of a claim), as the result of a simple repair done almost two years before for the client's daughter-in-law.  We know those in our business who've made $500 in a day just restringing blinds and shades.  Could blind repair be a revenue stream for your business?

   Offering basic repairs will generate some cash flow as $15-$89 (ranging from simple fixes to complicated cordless parts replacements) repair charges add up.  When one is proficient at doing basic restringing, tilter replacements and other common fixes, it’s possible to make $50-$100+ per hour doing repairs.

   Repairs generate cleaning and new blind sales, as well.  Not all blinds can be repaired - or are worth repairing.  Selling a new head rail, instead of trying to fix an 8+ year old track of questionable lineage and quality, often provides the best value for all parties involved.

   By offering cleaning as part of the “package” price for repairs or giving a coupon for discounted cleaning of the next blind with the receipt, you can boost return sales from the client now that they are more familiar with your services.  In some situations, a repair request is the time to educate the client as to why it’s better to replace a shade which is separating along the glue lines, instead of fixing it.

   In offering repairs, moderation is the key word.  One can equip themselves to do a majority of the most common repairs with an investment of just a few hundred dollars.  Do you want to waste time chasing obsolete cord locks or specialty colors?  As you learn from your experiences, re-invest some of the profits into more parts.  Soon you’ll be ordering lots by the 5, 10, or 50’s, rather than 1, 3, or 5’s.  A large collection of unused parts represents idle capital.  It’s wiser to order specialty parts as needed, than to end up with a case of dusty parts.

   When retail sales go soft due to a poor economy, the demand for blind repairs usually goes up!  Advertising, or even passing out fliers that emphasize repairs, may get you in the door to more business.  We’ve seen statistics that suggest as many as 1 in every 5 homes has a blind in need of repair. 

   Don’t neglect commercial accounts.  We saved one client about $20k, while we made $7k.  Deep cleaning and simple repairs rejuvenated their blinds for about $40 each.  Since they didn't have money in their remodelling budget to spend $140 each to replace them, both parties were happy with how things worked out.

    While some may look at repairs as more of a bane than a blessing.  In these days of tight budgets, don’t lightly dismiss the opportunity they represent to pull in new business.

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