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  22 times a year we publish a FREE newsletter geared to the interests of professionally minded blind cleaners or those seriously exploring this specialty business. We occassionally send out other announcements for webinars or other events we conduct and our annual Blind Cleaner's Survey.

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  The Newsletter is written for the general education and encouragement of professionals already in this niche market, prospective blind cleaners or those in a related field (retail blind sales, installation or repairs etc.) who would like to learn more about what blind cleaner's do.

  Members have access to all past issues (after login) along with expanded articles and other resources. Free subscribers need to print or download the current copy if they wish to save it for their own future personal use, as the website links only contain the current edition.

Blind Cleaner's Website? The ProcessThis website is a resource portal for professionally minded blind cleaners who enjoy connecting with and learning from each other. The support of Members of the Blind Cleaner's Network fund and sponsor its activities for those in this niche of the cleaning industry. Our activities seek to promote the knowledge and use of proper techniques for the cleaning and the care of custom window treatments with both consumers and fabricators. We work with fabricators to develop safe cleaning protocols for their products based upon our firsthand knowledge and work from the real world. For consumers we provide assistance in finding reputable blind cleaners and answering questions about cleaning. Vendors whose products or services are relevent to what we do may also network with us.

These resources are possible through the synergy and efficiency found in working together toward goals that are impractical as individual businesses. If you are a "professionally minded" individual or company in the industry, we invite you to join our growing network. We sponsor private forums, webinars, the Newsletter and website resources to support the success of others in this profession.

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Why a Blind Cleaner's Network ?

  There is a distinct difference between companies who advertise "blind cleaning" services and operators whose focus is the professional cleaning of custom window treatments. Our network exists to support the latter. A professionally minded blind cleaner really cares about the BEST methods and procedures for deep cleaning various types of custom window treatments, not just dusting, vacuuming or wiping down some types of blinds. is a resource site for business owners who take pride in their work and want to stay current in their craft. We don't believe that just because one has watched a few video clips, dunked a few blinds in a machine for friends or posted a sign that they are now competent professionals. "Experience" isn't always an accurate teacher either. As a group we care about building professionalism and providing support to those in this niche cleaning field as well as consumers seeking to connect with them. Picture_Silhouettes_Luminettes

  On this public level of the site one can find introductory information, a few helpful charts and articles. Our Network Members (after log-in) enjoy access to extended menus, a professional forum and other resources on the secure side of the site.

Consumers looking for blind cleaning information can use the banner ad at the top of this page to be matched with a local blind cleaner or visit for information about blinds, their care and cleaning.

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What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic blind cleaning has been around for decades. Here is a quick look at the basics for those who wish to learn more about this method.

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